Clean and sanitize your toothbrush or interdental brush with the specially formulated Steryl Brush Tabs.


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Please find below some information on a new concept called the SterylBrush®.

The systems allows the patient /user to disinfect their toothbrush using the patented disinfecting formula called NitrAdine®.

Sold as refill Packs of 30 Tablets and a starter pack that contains acleansing container , toothbrush and tow tablets.

Result in a substantial reduction and / or elimination of:

• Candida albicans

• Staphylococcus aureus

• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

• Herpes Simplex Virus

• And other micro organism


1. Why do I need to clean my toothbrush ?

The toothbrush can be a nest of bacterias and viruses if not cleaned properly ; it hold and keeps those bacterias and viruses trapped between the blister of the toothbrush.

There is a risk of re-contamination and cross-contamination with a lack of hygiene of the toothbrush.

    ◊ Re-contamination means that if you had a cold for example and you brushed you teeth with it, the bacterias or viruses would still be on your toothbrush the next time you clean your teeth, and could re-contaminate you since you are putting those bacterias and viruses back into your mouth.

     ◊ Cross- Contamination happens when you have that same flu,for example, and your toothbrush is in close physical proximity of other toothbrushes ( many families maybe like yours, share the same glass to store their toothbrushes ) . When so close to each other, the bacterias and viruses can crawl or jump to the toothbrush and contaminate the other brushes.

Using STERYL BRUSH TABS on a daily bases would eliminate the problem of re- and cross contamination and always leave your toothbrush with a fresh and clean feel.

If you think about it, which product in the house do we use on a daily bases for weeks and do not clean ??? would you use a fork, a plate, your bathtube, a drinking glass , your socks every day without washing them regularly ???? Well that is what we are doing with our toothbrush for 12 weeks, putting it back and forth in your mouth without even cleaning it a little bit ???

That is why we invited STERYL BRUSH TABS .

2. Is it toxic if I use STERYL BRUSH TABS every day ? No. We did some toxicity analysis tests and STERYL BRUSH is totally safe. The only thing to remember is to rinse well your toothbrush for a few seconds under ( cold or warm ) running water to remove some of the STERYL BRUSH TABS left over cleaning solution.

3. Where can I purchase STERYL BRUSH TABS ? We are working on distribution right now. We are trying to have STERYL BRUSH TABS available in the most places possible. If your locale store or drug store doesn't carry STERY BRUSH TABS, tell them that you would like this product and if they could contact us directly at +423 232 78 15 or email us at email2 .

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Company history

bonyf AG was incorporated in 1979 in the Principality of Liechtenstein, and has been specialising for over 30 years in development, production and marketing of BONYPLUS Dental Line products. Our products are distributed throughout the world by dispensing chemists, dentists and other specialist sales outlets. We at bonyf AG set a high priority on communication with our customers and our team travels all over the world to demonstrate our products and maintain customer contact. We are committed to offering an extensive range of high quality, innovative products at very attractive and competitive prices.

Liechtenstein - a dominant player in the dental home-care sector

Nestled between the upper Rhine valley between Austria and Switzerland lies one of the most charming smallest countries in the world.

The Principality of Liechtenstein and its capital Vaduz have approx. 34.000 inhabitants living in a 160 km² area that constitutes as one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe.

Since the 1960s, Liechtenstein has been a leader in the development and manufacture of highly specialised products – one of these, includes dental care products.

bonyf AG - leader in a European niche market

We are a market leader in Europe for our emergency denture repair kit which is sold under the brand name BONYPLUS SOS Repair-fix. This product enables the repair of a broken denture in a matter of minutes.

We are recognised by our clients and consumers for our professional approach, based upon our own in-depth knowledge within the dental field. This provides our clients and consumers the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are dealing with a team of specialists who are not only passionate, but believe in the success and quality of the BONYPLUS range of products.

As our products are designed with the end user in mind, they are easy to use and can be done in comfort of your own home.

Developing the BONYPLUS dental line - "the specialist in dentures"

Sensitive to the needs of the consumer, we are constantly conducting market research and have a team of researchers on hand who are dedicated to extending our product range. As a result of this we are able to release new products on the market.

bonyf AG - quality assured for your peace of mind

In January 1997, bonyf AG attained a quality assured status as an EN ISO 13485 certified manufacturer and distributor of home care denture products. We can therefore guarantee that the BONYPLUS range of products complies with the stringent norms specified by the European CE label regulations.

bonyf AG's quality certification was granted by DEKRA German

Our unconditional and ongoing commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that our products are manufactured in the highest standard in our factory located in Buchs, Switzerland. Our flexibility is unmatched by the big multi-nationals, although we have the facilities available to produce high quantities of products upon request.

bonyf AG - spreading the message of excellence abroad

bonyf AG has always been export oriented which enables us to create a fast and efficient export service, both to our main export markets in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and South America. Relatively short delivery times means we can offer a quick, responsive service which enables us to compete effectively with bigger international companies.

bonyf AG - ready to listen, keen to talk

Effective communication with our clients is a top priority for us. Our website is just one part of our marketing plan; full colour brochures and technical specification sheets detailing our products in more detail are available to our distributors. We also have available a consumer information leaflet for those using our products at home.

Let us show you the difference that BONYPLUS products can make!

The bonyf AG team.

BONYPLUS - products designed with the user in mind!

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